God's Math

The Sunday Kid’s Ministry multiplied from $40 to $300 for the Planted fund in just one week! It’s God Math and the glory goes to Him! The children brought in $40 in which several leaders matched to quadruple the children’s giving. But it didn’t stop there! God brought forth Kid’s Ministry leaders to match the matches. So, $40 became $300 in one week! However, God continues to bless the LRC Kids giving as $300 becomes $600 when matched with church’s matching donor for the December Planted giving! Praise God!


Christmas Break 

The LRC Kids and Leaders are amazed how God is at work. We look forward to January 10, 2021 when Sunday Kids Ministry starts back up after the Christmas break to experience what God has in store for us as we put our faith in Him alone. We are praying for the LRC families during this season that we celebrate Jesus’ Light coming to earth in such a humble and quiet manner. May we all reflect His humility and gentleness as we shine the Light of Christ on to others!