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Hello Living Rock!

My name is Joe Yates, and I have the pleasure of serving LRC as your new Worship Coordinator.

About myself: I am, to borrow a phrase from someone else, a card-carrying Bible and Theology nerd. I’m passionate about the truth of scripture and the incredible ways it was constructed to reveal God’s majesty to us. My love of worship and desire for ministry is rooted in this idea. I want to glorify God and show those around me how deserving He is of our worship.

I was raised in Winnebago, MN, just north of the Iowa border. I was blessed to be surrounded by many strong people of faith, so I knew Christ from a young age. My faith journey did not have a specific crisis point, but rather has had many different events that were like a gust of wind turning the sails in the right direction.

I attended Crown College – for the first time – years ago, where I graduated with a degree in Business Administration. After college I began working at Youth For Christ in South Central Minnesota as their Donor Management Leader. While there, I discovered a love of learning for the intricacies of scripture, so I decided to go back to school.

I am currently attending Crown for a second time, working on my Master’s in Divinity.

When I’m not at Living Rock or working on school, I’m with the Crown College Football Team serving as an Assistant Coach and the Spiritual Development Coordinator. I love football and am happy to talk the sport with anyone who feels the same way (Or anyone who pays attention, really. The only thing I can talk longer about than football is Jesus).

I’m looking forward to what this next season brings for us, and am excited to serve you all. God is doing great things at Living Rock and I’m grateful to be here.