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On Saturday, seven families gathered for Table Community. It was a joyful time of fellowship, food, and fun! In the book, Table Life, Joanne Thompson explains, "Jesus needed food, but His lifestyle also demonstrated a passionate preference for the table as an expression of the kingdom. His practice of eating meals with others in their homes was an answer to the prayer He taught to His disciples, 'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.' Over meals, He connected with family, strangers, skeptics, and friends. Across the table, hearts made for relationships came alive. When it's all said and done, life is about God's gift of relationship. Table Community helps us savor the liberating presence of Christ around our tables."

My heart is full after seeing the children and adults connecting with one another. I'm already anticipating the next gathering with another Table Community to meet in January. Parents, watch your email for an invitation to attend one of the Family Table Communities in 2024.

Kathy Sutherland