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The LRC Building Committee (BC) has completed research on four potential builders for Living Rock Church. Two of the builders are "design/build" firms that offer architectural and engineering services as part of the process. The other two firms typically provide the "build" only, meaning they would respond to a design provided by our architect. The BC toured several facilities to look at different construction types.

In light of the BC’s research and the current situation, our unanimous recommendation is to enter into a design-build agreement with Kinghorn Construction for several reasons:

  • Kinghorn has significant church experience, including work at Alliance Churches.
  • Kinghorn provides an excellent preliminary design process. We especially need good timely assistance at this point to revise our design to meet budget constraints.
  • Kinghorn does not charge for their participation in design meetings before contracting.
  • Kinghorn has current experience with Carver County and related Building Officials due to their Westbrook Church project in Carver. They understand Carver County requirements for the site, stormwater, soils, etc. and the architect is knowledgeable on Carver County specifics for fire sprinklering.
  • Kinghorn has competitive pricing. In the design-build process, all contractor costs are charged to us, and Kinghorn charges 6% profit. This is a common approach in design/build.
  • Kinghorn is Christian-owned.  


With this important decision made, here is the new and approximate timeline for 2021:

The BC and staff will start the preliminary design process with Kinghorn on April 7th.  Due to our previous work over the years, this process should not take long. We will have costs for the architect and his subs during this time.  

  1. The architect will complete the final design (a 4-5 month process including preliminary design).
  2. The permitting will take approximately 2 months.
  3. We project the subcontractor proposals, total project costs, and construction agreement will be completed in the Fall of 2021.
  4. The congregation will meet to approve the final design and costs when everything is ready.
  5. The building construction would likely wait until early 2022 to avoid the cost and complexity of winter construction. We hope that material pricing will be more favorable for us as well.
  6. Lord-willing, we may see some site work accomplished in Fall 2021 if permitting is completed and weather permits (i.e. tree removal, rough grading, and possibly some parking lot work).  


LRC Building Committee and Elders