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The day we remember Jesus’ resurrection is one of the most joyful days of the year! We want to make it special to celebrate with a meaningful video of our children. Dianne Houfek has graciously volunteered her time and talents again this year. It will be a simple Q&A format. Parents will film their children (preschool through 6th graders) as they answer a question and then text the video clip to Dianne. All videotaping from your phone should be taken “Horizontally” for a better quality of screen playing. Dianne will then compile the individual videos together to show one video on Easter Sunday.  

March 21st - RSVP via text to Dianne 406-925-3279 if your children want to participate.

March 22nd - Dianne will text you the instructions and questions.

March 28th - Text the video of your children to Dianne, so she can compile them before Easter Sunday. (Remember to do Horizontal videotaping from your phone.) 

If you want to contact Kathy Sutherland click here.