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We have started a new tradition at LRC by giving a Big Picture Story Bible to the parents on the day they dedicate their baby. One reason for this is that baby dedications are not for the salvation of the baby but for the dedicating the parents in the mission of leading the child to know and follow Jesus Christ. Baby dedications are done publicly in the worship service because they involve a whole body committed to discipling children in the Christian faith. Dedicating a child to the LORD was done by Hannah, Joseph and Mary. Our choice to dedicate babies, and not baptize them, probably goes back to the Reformation and the Anabaptist tradition. It also relates to one’s theological view of the Covenants. For a good summary on baby dedications and other questions, go to the Compelling Truth website.

A recent study shows that the average church going kid comes 1.7 Sundays per month or about 20 weeks per year. With precious little time the task of leading children and youth to Christ and teaching them to follow Christ must be emphasized in every home and is one of our highest priorities as a church! Pray God will use our families and our body to pass on the faith to the next generation. 

If you would like to schedule a baby dedication, please fill out this simple form, so someone from our office can discuss this important day with you.  For the dedication, we will have you send us a baby picture and a verse you’d like to use for your child’s dedication (all submitted through the form). Also let us know what day and service you’d like to dedicate your child. We encourage you to make this day special and invite family and friends to your baby’s dedication. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Pastor Roger Eng