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We believe God is at work in building our body up in order to build our home. The window to break ground is still open for August 2023. But, before we can make that final decision to break ground, we need the body of LRC to pray specifically for the following:

1. Pray for the Building Committee (Sheldon, Grant, Brenda). Much of our project is now being re-bid in hopes to find ways to decrease the overall costs to 3.5 million. 

2. Pray for regular, faithful, and new giving to our General Fund. Praise God that we are on budget at this writing! (The general fund is loaded with 144k of funding needed for our building project.) 

3. Pray specifically for favorable financing (interest rates). We have approached three lending institutions to seek the best rate and terms. 

4. Pray the Lord will protect our body from discouragement and spiritual attack. The joy of the LORD is our strength!

Pray with us at this critical decision-making time in the history of LRC. We will share with the body a full report when the building committee is ready.

Keep on keeping on,

Pastor Roger and the LRC elders.